Healthy Skin Starts On the Inside

About a decade ago, I (Amy) went to the doctor because red bumps appeared on my torso. My skin would not respond to any of the conventional creams or remedies, and I truly did not know what to do. 

After spending loads of time with dermatologists and allergy specialists with many tests, I was told that they couldn’t identify the root cause of the problem. 

But my intuition was giving me some hints because at the time…

I had 2 preschoolers and I routinely got 5-6 hours of sleep. And my coffee consumption would rival a Starbucks employee!

Essentially, my nerves were shot, and my body was fighting back. So even though I didn’t want to address any of these issues, I did want my healthy skin back.  Reluctantly, my coffee consumption was reduced and I made it a priority to sleeping more. After some time, my skin cleared up.

Then in my forties, I noticed that whenever I indulged in an IPA or too much sugar, it was literally on my face the next day. Bright red cheeks staring at me in the mirror, reminding me that those substances were causing inflammation in my body.

So if Shakira were here, I would tell her that–in addition to the hips, the skin doesn’t lie!  It is going to tell all your business!

The skin really can be a mirror reflection of what is happening inside. 

So if you are wanting to have Radiant skin, you want to address it both from the inside and outside:

1. See if certain foods/drinks impact your skin.
I always say… “If you can see it on the outside (redness, inflammation, bumps) imagine what is happening on the inside!”

2. Get plenty of sleep.
This helps to keep your hormones regulated and keeps you feeling refreshed.

Make sure you are drinking enough water.
Well-hydrated skin is glowing skin.

4. Be selective about what goes on your skin.
From soap, to body wash, to deodorant, to skincare to cosmetics. Your skin absorbs what you put on it, so make sure you are comfortable with everything that is going into your skin.


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