How Can French Pink Clay Brighten Your Skin?

Skin brightening

One of the best ways to spend a weekend afternoon is to leisurely wash your hair then apply a face mask. For plenty of women, it is likely the only time during the week when you pay exactly zero attention to the clock while getting ready. On Sunday afternoon no one is waiting for you with a lunchbox in hand ready to get out the door!

With summer around the corner, the face mask that is making it into the Sunday rotation is the Day at Sea Mask. If you have tried it, you know it is a whole experience!

The main ingredient in our Day at Sea Mask is French Pink Clay. Here are five incredible results you can expect from using French Pink Clay:
1. Brighter Skin
French Pink Clay is known for its natural brightening properties, which can help give your skin a smooth and radiant complexion.

2. Cleanses and Detoxifies

Clay has been used for centuries to cleanse and detoxify the skin, and French Pink Clay is no exception. After using it, you'll immediately notice how clean and refreshed your skin feels.

3. Improves Skin Tone
As the clay brightens the skin, it also helps improve your overall skin tone over time, leaving you with a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion.

4. Preserves Moisture Barrier
(You know this is a big deal around here!) Unlike other clays, French Pink Clay is gentle and mild, making it perfect for aging skin. It won't strip away your skin's natural oils, leaving you with a healthy and hydrated glow.

5. Suitable for All Skin Types
French Pink Clay is light and gentle, yet has incredible restorative properties, making it suitable for all skin types.

You might just love the way our Day At Sea Mask smells and feels when applied. Once you wipe it off with a warm washcloth, you'll immediately see the brightening and smoothing effects on your skin.
We aren’t the only ones who love it! It was included in the 2022 Tula’s Endless Summer Gift Guide!!  

If you haven't tried it yet, consider it your skin's BFF this spring!*

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