How to create that Healthy Glow from the Inside Out

We are in a Spring State of Mind in North Carolina.  The high today is 70 degrees, and the forecast is even calling for some sunshine. Cue the car dance party!

As you begin to box up your winter sweaters, you may notice that winter has taken its toll on your skin.  From frosty temperatures to blasting heat, it might take a little work to get your summer glow. Never fear!  We have some natural great tips to get you in shape in no time.

Here are some top tips to create that healthy glow from the inside out!

  1. Collagen Peptides. Your skin is made of collagen, and as you age, your body begins to produce less of it.  The elasticity in your skin is made of collagen, so when it diminishes, gravity tends to step in. This is one of the main reasons you begin to see fine lines and wrinkles.  By increasing your collagen, you can begin to naturally smooth out those wrinkles, especially the ones near your eyes. 

    If you don’t currently use collagen peptides, you can mix it in with your coffee or tea in the morning. It is a (mostly) tasteless powder that mixes very well with hot drinks.Some of my favorite collagens are: Orgain, Live Conscious, and Vital Proteins. These supplements are also really good.

    Last, but not least, if you have thinning hair, there is some evidence that collagen can strengthen hair, making it less likely to fall out.  Collagen has also been known to create a healthier environment for the hair follicles, which can also reduce thinning.

  2. Circulation. This is one of nature’s gifts to us for beautiful skin! Whether you decide to exercise, go for a walk, get a massage, sit in the sauna/hot tub–getting your blood moving will create a glow that shows up in your skin. 

    You can also use tools like a Gua Sha stone, Fascia Blaster or other hand-held tools to help get the blood circulating.  This is truly radiance from within!
  3. Reduce Inflammation. Have you ever had a glass or beer, then notice the next morning your face is red or blotchy? You can be experiencing the impact of inflammation which sadly can show up on your face.

    The same can happen with sugar or fried foods. If you are noticing a lot of redness in your face, experiment with removing certain inflammatory foods or drinks to see if that is the culprit. 

  4. With the right facial mask, you can deeply cleanse or brighten your face to create a lasting glow.  We have an Activated Charcoal Mud Mask that has mud from the Dead Sea, mixed with Activated Charcoal, which is a great cleanser, detoxifier.  Then we have the Day at Sea Mask which can nourish your face with antioxidants that can slow the aging process. You should see noticeable results with either of these masks.

Even if our goal is to have great looking skin, you’ll notice that all of these tips also help you to become more healthy on the inside, which shines brightly on the outside. Each tip will not only make you look better, but feel better, too!

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