How to Treat Thinning Hair

hair loss thinning hair

As I was sitting in my hairdresser's chair, she asked, "Did you notice that your hair is thinning right here? And over here?" 

My heart sank...

Although I had noticed tons of hair coming out in the shower and I had noticed the spots when my hair was in a ponytail...It had apparently reached the point where someone else was noticing. ugh...

That night I asked my husband if he had seen it, and by his kind reaction, I could tell that he knew, too.

So I booked an appointment at Duke Dermatology to see how I could treat it. My doctor explained that I would probably not be getting much new hair growth, but I could stop further damage. 

Ever the optimist, I shrugged off her 'doom and gloom' diagnosis, and decided that I would figure this out. 

Now, I don't claim to have figured this out completely, but my approach has created a ton of new hair growth for me (you can't even see it is thinning in one of the two spots) and the other is doing SO. MUCH. BETTER!!!

Hair, especially for women, is a sensitive topic. Who wants thinning hair?
  1. Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements: I had initially tried Nutrafol, but I didn't notice much of a change in 60 days, so I dropped it and have stuck with Viviscal.

  2. Women's Rogain: My dermatologist highly recommended this, and said if I used it every day it could stop further loss. Honestly--I feel weird sharing this, but if this helps one lady, I am okay embarrassing myself!

  3. Mary Ruth's Liquid Multi Vitamin + Hair Growth:  I have mentioned this a few times on Instagram, but I have seen an increase in hair growth since I started. It includes Lustriva and Biotin.

Wait...there's more😂

 Also, I had plans up my sleeve in case these treatments didn't work! 
Here are the extra interventions that are expensive, but would have done if the above did not work.
I would have taken if it worsened based on Andrew Huberman's research--

PRP Treatments - Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can be an effective treatment to encourage hair growth. In our local area, I was quoted $1000 per treatment.
Microneedling - Along with getting a microneedling facial, you can also cover spots that are thinning to stimulate hair growth. In our area, I would expect to pay $100-$250 per treatment.
For women, just like skin, your hair is a BIG deal! When it starts falling out, it can be very alarming! So I wanted to share what has worked for me through this process.
Have you experienced any hair loss? What has worked for you?

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