Is Bakuchiol your new BFF?

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One of the most exciting ingredients in the natural skincare world is Bakuchoil (sounds like: buh-KOO-chee-ol). Bakuchiol is a 100% natural active ingredient that comes from babchi seeds in India.

The reason it is such an exciting ingredient for natural skincare products is that it is a true alternative to Retinol. In clinical trials, it preforms very much like retinoids, but does not have the side effects, like irritation and flaking.

The British Journal of Dermatology shared in a 2019 report that Bakuchiol was found to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the effects of photoaging.

After a 12 week trial, the study found there was significant improvement in lines and wrinkles (-20% wrinkle depth), pigmentation, elasticity, firmness and overall photo-damage, with no irritating effect on skin.

This means that there is a completely natural alternative to retinols that will help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and redness in the face (!!) 

Our Miracle Overnight Serum contains a generous amount of Bakuchiol, and is one of our most popular serums because of the overall impact to lines, wrinkles and skin color. 

If you are looking for a plant-based, powerful alternative to Retinol, check out our Miracle Overnight Serum here.






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