What Does Clean Beauty Mean?

Have you noticed how many more Clean Beauty options there are now, as compared to a decade ago?

Back in the day, you might be able to pick up a couple items at Whole Foods, but often the results were fairly lackluster.

As women have discovered the number of toxic chemicals in their daily routines, they are rightly asking for more, safer options.
 We are HERE FOR IT!

The market is demanding cleaner products, AND...we are finally seeing clean products that get results!

Now, don't get me wrong, every woman I have talked to about skincare absolutely wants to look her best...vibrant...radiant.

But she doesn't want her face to absorb toxic chemicals or have her hormones disrupted to achieve a vibrant look.

Many women legitimately want to switch, but sometimes changing small things can be tough if they have been a part of your routine for years.
If you are looking to transition your routine to clean beauty, remember that you don't have to overhaul all at once.

You can start with your skincare routine, then gradually switch out your makeup.
Or even if you want to try cleaner items product-by-product, that would be movement in the right direction.

If you are looking to see if a product is really, in fact, a clean product, you can always review the ingredients and check them out on the Environmental Working Group website.

Every single ingredient that is in our products are rated 1 or under on the EWG site...which means they are all squeaky clean!

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