Will the Oil-Cleansing Method Make My Skin Oily?

Oil Cleansing Method

One of the most popular questions we get is, "Will the oil cleansing method make my skin oily?"

If you have skin that is prone to excessive oils, this concern makes a lot of sense. But you don't have to worry about the oil-cleansing method making your face more oily! If you are interested in the Oil-Cleansing Method, here are three things to consider:

1. Oils Absorb Oils
Contrary to the popular opinion that oils will make your skin more oily, remember from chemistry class that oils actually absorb oils. So if you have excessive oils on your skin, this may be the perfect thing to try.

2. Not all Oils are the Same
If you rub olive oil or coconut oil on your skin, the lipid barrier will be disrupted over time. You want oils that promote excellent results, with the right ph balance for the layers of your skin. We recommend some of the incredible oils found in our Face Wash and Miracle Overnight Serum like: Rosehip Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Seabuckthorn Berry Oil, and Bakuchiol Oil.

3. Apply to a Dry Skin
If you apply to a wet face, the oils can just slide right off. Apply the oils to a dry face and rub around your cheeks and face in a circular motion. Allow the oils to be absorbed into your skin, then wipe off excess with a warm wash cloth.

Curious about the Oil Cleansing Method? A fan favorite is our Face Wash, and that is a good one to try to see if it is a good match for your skin!

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