How to Hydrate Aging Skin

Hydration is at the center of radiant skin, but it becomes harder and harder to achieve as we age and hormone levels change. When you add on traditional cleansers that strip away all your natural oils, you find yourself with dry, dull skin.

Why It Matters:

Hormonal shifts during aging, coupled with harsh face washes, compromise our skin’s hydration, impacting its radiance and suppleness. This leads many women to adding loads of moisturizers and serums so that their skin is hydrated, but they often aren't addressing the root cause of the problem.

The Big Picture:

A rejuvenated, hydrated glow is possible, even as we age, with mindful skincare choices and understanding of underlying changes. 

The Quick Facts: 

Aging reduces hormone levels, especially estrogen, affecting skin's moisture retention.

Face washes, often laden with chemicals, strip away skin's protective natural oils.

Read Between the Lines:

Reconsider your face wash for one using the Oil Cleansing Method to retain moisture. 

 Learn More About This:

If you're interested in learning more about how the ancient Oil Cleansing Method can lock in your skin's hydration, a full breakdown is below.

 Learn How to Hydrate Your Skin With Oils