How to Use Seabuckthorn Berry in Your Daily Routine

Is your skin sensitive? Does it ever feel a bit dry? Wrinkles starting to creep in?

Well, there is an incredible plant that has been used for centuries by women as part of their daily beauty routine. It is packed with nutrients and doesn't disrupt your skin's micro biome, making it a powerhouse ingredient. 

So whether you are starting to notice skin issues, or you want to prevent them in the future, consider including Seabuckthorn Berry into your routine.

1. Deep Nourishment and Hydration

Packed with Omega-7, 3, and 6 fatty acids, Seabuckthorn Berry quenches your skin's thirst, preserving its suppleness. Juicy cheeks! 

2. Gentle and Natural

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Seabuckthorn berry is a clean and natural skincare choice, making it ideal for those seeking a gentle yet effective approach to skincare. It respects your skin's natural balance, making it suitable for even the most sensitive complexions.

3. Support for Your Skin Barrier

A strong and healthy skin barrier is crucial for maintaining beautiful skin. Seabuckthorn berry oil has the unique ability to support your skin's natural barrier function, helping it stay resilient and protected.

4. Versatility and Ease
While you could use it as a stand-alone ingredient, we combine Seabuckthorn Berry with other powerful, nutrient dense ingredients in our Daily Cleanser. 

With its nourishing, hydrating, and age-defying properties, it's no wonder that seabuckthorn berry is quickly becoming a go-to ingredient for achieving a radiant complexion. 

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