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Poll Time--if you are a regular gym-goer, how do you feel about all your new friends at the gym in January?

Now for some truth time…In the past, I would be slightly annoyed by the crowds in the new year. Suddenly I had to wait for machines or my group coaching classes are full...

Then, one morning, while queuing up for the water fountain to refill my bottle, it hit me. “This place is packed with people who are hopeful for their future.”

For some, they may quit next week, but there will be others who will talk about this exact month of working out, and how they fought through their challenges to truly change their health, their life. This would be a pivotal moment!

Since then, I have heartily cheered on my fellow gym-goers at the new year (in my mind)! I give a big smile, nod, and imagine their success story.

So this is where today’s story begins--figuring out why some people were hopeful, yet fall off, and others persisted into success.

Recently, I reread “With Winning in Mind” by rifle shooter, Lanny Bassham. Lanny went to the Olympics in the 70s for shooting, and took home the silver medal.

He was so disappointed with this outcome that he spent the next few years interviewing gold medalists in different sports, and learning how they think differently than everyone else.

Bassham put it into practice, and then won World Championships and the Gold Medal at the next Olympics. Later he went on to create his own coaching company to help athletes and business owners how to achieve their goals.

In his book, he uncovers why some people “make it” while others do not. He contends that to succeed at something that you want, you must be in the "Triad State," meaning the Conscious, Subconscious, and Self-Image balanced and working together.

He says that he mostly works with people who he calls “The Frustrated Expert.”

If you have been chasing a goal for a bit too long, I suspect you might be in this camp. Meaning, you know way too much to not have met your goals! You see people in your industry who know less, are less experienced, have a less awesome service or product, yet they are achieving your dreams.

Bassham says it’s that tricky Self Image that is usually the cause for people to not reach their potential. Your self image is based on your habits and attitudes, and it is essentially how you see yourself. He says that you have to imprint on your own mind that it is “Like Me” to achieve this goal.

And thankfully for the rest of us who have not won a gold medal at the Olympics, or have access to such athletes, he shares the exact blueprint for changing your self image in rapid speed.

I don’t want to spill all the beans, but if you have read this far, then you probably would love the book.

I loved it so much, I had a session with one of his coaches to make sure I was on the right track for my own goal-getting.

For me, so much of the contentment in life is self improvement. If that sounds like you, and you want to push yourself a bit further, I bet you would enjoy this, too.

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