Is Foundation Dead?

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Recently The New York Times ran an article that boldly proclaimed, "Foundation is Dead"!

The piece refers to the decline in numbers of women wearing full coverage foundation for makeup and opting to show their skin instead. When you think about it...COVID had a dramatic impact on how women wear makeup.

For women that worked from home, many broke the habit of full coverage makeup as part of their daily routine. Then, many needed to wear face masks where makeup often smeared on the mask, making it less and less appealing.

The article says, "The shift away from foundation comes at a time of increased knowledge of skin care. While many women are going barefaced or touching up spots with concealer, other have found foundation alternatives that act as an entire skin care wardrobe in one swipe. Such products offer a slew of ingredients -- vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and sunsreen -- to rival traditional serums and glow-y finishes can make users feel confident enough to go without heavier coverage."

The focus shifted from foundation to create the appearance of healthy, radiant skin to creating it naturally. The skin can be like a thermometer telling you more about what is happening inside your body. While many women wear less and less makeup as we age, this is not an anti-makeup manifestošŸ˜‚.

Of course, women should wear whatever they would like on their skin. If you feel more comfortable with full makeup, wear it! If you prefer to wear nothing, or just a touch of mascara--great! There is no "right way"!

But there is real power in the fact that ALL of these options are being seen in our culture. And there is power in the fact that there is a rising trend that encourages confidence and health.

How has your makeup and skincare routines changed over the years? I would love to hear from you!


*The New York Times article can be found here.

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