Gua Sha Stone Massage

Gua Sha Stones are one of the most simple and cost-effective skincare tools that are available! In addition to what they can do to appearance, they have been proven to help relieve tension in the face (especially TMJ and the jawline), reduce puffiness and inflammation, and  even help reduce sinus pressure.

If you are interested in trying it, here is the process that I have been taught. Start with the wavy side of the Gua Sha stone for steps 1-4, then switch to the other sides. 

Apply a little bit of Moisturizer so that the stone can slide across your face. Repeat each step three times, or as time allows:

1. Place the side of your stone on the collar bone, and begin brushing up to your jaw line. Move to the next part of your neck, until your neck is complete. Avoid the trachea (you can go around it, but you don't want to go on top of it).

2. Take the stone and stroke up the jawline until you get to your ear. It is nice to give it a little shake once you are near the ear.
This is amazing if you have TMJ or stress in your jaw.

3. Place the wave side into your marionette lines in your cheeks, and scoop your skin around and up.

4.Place the stone on the inside of the eye, then stroke across to move the fluid under the eye.

5. Take the rounded side and run it over any eleven lines or forehead lines.

6. Take the flatest/smoothest side of the stone, and gently go over the face with all strokes moving upwards.

7. Next use the side with the small ridges and gently go over my face with all strokes moving upwards.

There are many different methods online, but this is the one I have found that I enjoy the most!

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