How to Pick the Right Facial Oil

If you go to Amazon and search “Best Facial Oils” something interesting happens! You will see a number of options that appear to be facial oils. But the more you know about skincare, you know that some of these intense oils should be added to a Carrier Oil, not applied generously to your face. Most people don’t know a lot about skincare, and they wouldn’t realize this is a bad idea until their skin was irritated. 

Yikes, Amazon! 

So today, let me share with you what to look for when picking a high quality facial oil:

1. What’s Inside?

For packaging, this is just like a nutritional label–companies list the ingredients that have the largest percentage of ingredients in descending order. Many times skincare companies will list a “Star” ingredient, but if you look at the label, and there are 52 ingredients, and it is the last one, it means there is a tiny drop!

2. Refined vs Unrefined Oils

For our Daily Face Wash (this is our facial oil), you will notice that all of our ingredients are Unrefined. Why?? Unrefined oils are minimally processed, meaning that they are high quality, nutrient-rich, authentic-to-nature oil. This helps to lock in their nutrients, which help to deliver the results!

3. Effective Ingredients

Now–I am partial to our recipe, but I would definitely be looking for a Facial Oil with Seabuckthorn Berry Oil, Rosehip Oil and Carrot Seed Oil. These are all powerful ingredients that create a Radiant Glow while making your skin soft and complexion smooth.

4. Clean

Lastly, since the facial oil will be absorbed by your face, you want to make sure the ingredients are squeaky clean! Check to see if the ingredients are organic. 

Our Face Wash is our Signature Facial Oil, and you will be able to see the difference in your first use! Your skin will be able to tell that it is nourishing and packed with nutrients. Within a few days, you will see that Radiant Glow! Click here to try our Facial Oil.

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