The Best Evening Routine

When I recently read the book, "The Gap and the Gain" by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy, they explained that one hour is more important for your happiness, health and productivity. Having practiced the Miracle Morning (in some fashion) for years, I was giving myself an A+!

Until I read that the hour was not the first, but the last.

Truly, my heart sank. 

For the past few years, I have been diligent with my first hour of the day, using it for prayer time, reading, journaling and meditation. That hour is sacred for me! But the last hour of the day is typically filled with last minute tasks. The flurry of activity in my last hour does not evoke a tremendous sense of peace. Instead, I am trying to tick off a couple more items from my "to do" list.

So when I heard that this hour was important, I listened. 

I this is their strategy, with a couple additions to set myself up for a great night of sleep, and a successful next day:

1. Turn off all electronics and phone an hour prior to bed. No scrolling or emails before bed.

2. Make myself a cup of evening tea. This is my signal to my body that we will be heading to bed soon.

3. Write in my journal three "wins" from the day. I usually stop myself around 10. It feels so good to get on a roll with daily wins.

4. Write in my journal three things that I am grateful for from the day. Again, this one is a lot of fun, and I definitely go over.

5. Write 3 targets to achieve tomorrow. This is light, and I don't spend too much time here.

6. Read and enjoy tea until bedtime. Currently, I am reading the Louise Penny Three Pines series.

I am happy to share that this routine feels like a gift to myself! When I do this and my evening skincare ritual, they truly feel like small ways I am taking care of myself.

If you tend to be a bit of a worker bee like me, try this new routine and see if you can create more peace and happiness at the end of your day. See the routine here.

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