Your Skin's Natural Biome

"You're the sickest, healthy person I know."

This is what my co-worker said to me at lunch in my early twenties! 

And she had a point! On one hand, I loved to juice vegetables, consistently worked out, and seemed fit from the outside. 

Even though I was "healthy," I kept finding myself sitting in the doctor's office and begging him for a "Z pack" of antibiotics to kill my latest sinus infection. This was in the early 2000s, when they were giving out antibiotics like candy!!

Little did I know--the antibiotics were wiping away all of the great bacteria in my gut, month after month, making it hard for my body to recover. I was not addressing the root cause of the sinus infection, and the treatment for the infection was making me sicker. It took me YEARS to figure all this out!!

What I didn't know is that the antibiotics were like bleach in my system that could have been very helpful for my overall health.

The (overuse of) antibiotics was stripping away my own body's natural process for health and healing.

And just like your gut has a natural biome, so does your skin!

There is natural bacteria in your skin that serves to promote health and wellness for your body's largest organ.

Here's the thing, though...

If you are using a harsh cleanser on your skin, just like the antibiotics, you are stripping away your skin's natural ability to be healthy and radiant (helllooooo glow!!!)!

But if you use the Oil Cleansing Method, which women have done for centuries, then you are preserving your skin's natural bacteria. This means that your Moisture Layer is preserved, rather than broken down through harsh chemicals.

The Oil Cleansing Method allows your skin to stay healthy, moisturizes and clean without disrupting the natural functions of your skin, which protects your body from harm.

If you are looking to have Radiant Skin in the New Year, consider trying the Oil Cleansing Method with our 3-Step System.

Did I mention that this hydrating system will feel extra nice on your skin when it's cold outside?! 



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